I-CAN Financial Solutions has launched its Wealth Succession Services in association with Willjini.com, India’s leading portal for succession services as per Indian laws which can be used by all Indians residing in India or abroad (NRIs).

Willjini.com has team of expert Will lawyers, company secretaries and accountants to assist individuals, families to do succession planning for smooth transmission of assets.

Creating wealth for our family and future is just one aspect of financial planning. However, the process will be complete only when you decide what happens to your accumulated wealth after you are gone.

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  • WILL is a written document declaring your wishes to distribute (bequeath) your properties after your demise.
  • If NRI prepares a Will combining assets in foreign country as well as India, there are chances of heavy taxes as well as applicability of succession laws of foreign country. It is recommended to prepare a separate Will for all India based properties as per Indian laws.
  • WILL is a part of overall Wealth and Financial Planning
  • WILL allows you to distribute wealth as per Your Wishes or else it will be distributed as per personal succession Law like Hindu Law, Christian Law etc.
  • Through a WILL a family can avoid fights, de-bonding &legal cases
  • WILL can ensure smooth business succession
  • NRI should make a Will as per Indian laws to avoid taxes on wealth inheritance as per foreign laws
  • WILL can be made on plain paper – typed or handwritten. No stamp paper required. Registration of a WILL is not mandatory.
  • WILL can be made in any language covering details of Personal, Family, All Assets, Wishes duly signed by a person (Testator) and two witnesses.
  • WILL can be made by self or with help of legal professional or online from a reputed online Will portal which has team of legal professionals.
  • Myth -WILL should be made at old age
  • Fact -Every Individual is aware about Date of Birth, but no one knows their ‘Date of Expiry’. We all buy life insurance keeping in mind for ‘Life Uncertainty’, the same concept need to apply for a WILL, isn’t it ?
  • Myth - WILL is not require when Nominations / Joint Holding arrangement made
  • Fact -A Nominee or a Joint Owner can only act as a Trustee and can NOT claim Ownership of the properties as legal heir. So if you think nomination / joint ownership is a solution, think again!
  • Myth - If a Will is not made, all the properties will go the spouse automatically.
  • Fact - If a Will is not made, then after demise, all the properties will be distributed equally amongst the mother, spouse, sons and daughters as per Succession Laws of your religion
  • Myth - Writing a Will is a tedious process. It requires several visits to lawyers, and also hassles of Stamp paper, Registrations
  • Fact -A Will can be written on plain paper and registration is not Mandatory. An unregistered Will is also 100% Legal. Now, Will writing is simple, hassle-free process with online facility make a Will at your own time and place.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions in 12 Indian languages / explanation videos, please click here Click Here
Features of “Online Will”
  • It is now possible to write Will in just 30 minutes
  • No Calls, No visits, Hassle-free
  • Three simple steps – Register at “Will” for free, make payment, fill details to get online Will
  • 100% as per Indian Laws, 100% Confidential
  • In India – no stamp paper require for a Will and Registration of Will is not mandatory
  • Also suitable to NRIs to make a separate Will of Indian assets
  • Quick Demo
Process to avail Online Will Writing service:
  • Free Registration at www.willjini.com
  • Get Log-in Password details at your registered email ID
  • Use Log-in with password details at www.willjini.com and learn at Know More section various articles, PPT, blogs, videos about Will and Succession. Planning
  • Go to payment page at www.willjini.com use Coupon Code PP9966 for 10% Off and make payment with credit/debit card or net banking
  • On successful payment get access to Will writing application at www.willjini.com Fill-in details of Personal, Family, Assets, and Wishes as per your convenience, it takes hardly 30 minutes however you have time of 60 days to fill all details
  • “Preview” your WILL before generate to read and satisfy. “Generate” and get your WILL in word format at your registered email ID
  • Print and sign in presence of two witnesses. No stamp paper or registration require for an Indian WILL. Your WILL is done, keep it at safe place.
  • NRIs also can create Will in same manner except that ‘only India based assets’ should be included.
  • Customised Will Drafting
  • Registration of Will
  • Formation of Private / Family Trust
  • Estate / Succession Planning including Business Assets
  • Advisory and services for obtaining Probate / Succession Certificate
  • Advise / Drafting of Flat Sale / Lease Deed
  • Advise / Drafting of Gift Deed or Power of Attorney
  • Services related to business for Company Law, Trademark, Legal Contracts
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